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Zarina's Pixie Dust Experiments is a Mini-game, currently available on Disney LOL - Games.


Characters: Zarina.

Locations: Zarina's House.


With the mouse cursor or arrow keys, move the bowl to add the specified ingredients in the same order as shown to make 16 talent dusts. Apart from the tutorial, there are 8 distinct dusts and 7 advanced forms. If making three mistakes or the time runs out the game is over.


Image Name
Particle dust Blue Dust
Black sunflower seed Black Sunflower Seed
Blue dewdrop Blue Dewdrop
Green leaf Green Leaf
Orange acorn Orange Acorn
Purple feather Purple Feather
Red gerber Red Gerber
White lilly White Lilly
Yellow sunflower Yellow Sunflower


Name Ingredients
Garden Talent Dust (Tutorial) Red gerberRed gerberWhite lillyParticle dust
Garden Talent Dust Red gerberWhite lillyGreen leafRed gerberWhite lillyParticle dust
Fast-Flying Dust Purple featherPurple featherYellow sunflowerPurple featherYellow sunflowerParticle dust
Light Bender Dust Orange acornBlue dewdropOrange acornOrange acornBlue dewdropParticle dust
Water Breathing Dust Blue dewdropGreen leafBlue dewdropYellow sunflowerBlue dewdropParticle dust
Dream Dust Red gerberRed gerberPurple featherParticle dustRed gerberParticle dust
Snow Fall Dust White lillyBlue dewdropParticle dustWhite lillyBlue dewdropParticle dust
Water Talent Dust Green leafGreen leafBlue dewdropPurple featherBlue dewdropParticle dust
Garden Talent Dust: Advanced Red gerberWhite lillyGreen leafRed gerberWhite lillyBlack sunflower seedRed gerberParticle dust
Fast-Flying Dust: Advanced Purple featherYellow sunflowerPurple featherParticle dustPurple featherWhite lillyYellow sunflowerParticle dust
Light Bender Dust: Advanced Orange acornBlue dewdropYellow sunflowerOrange acornParticle dustOrange acornBlue dewdropParticle dust
Water Breathing Dust: Advanced Blue dewdropGreen leafBlue dewdropYellow sunflowerBlue dewdropGreen leafYellow sunflowerParticle dust
Dream Dust: Advanced Red gerberPurple featherRed gerberPurple featherParticle dustRed gerberWhite lillyParticle dust
Snow Fall Dust: Advanced White lillyBlue dewdropParticle dustWhite lillyBlue dewdropYellow sunflowerBlue dewdropParticle dust
Water Talent Dust: Advanced Green leafPurple featherGreen leafBlue dewdropPurple featherYellow sunflowerBlue dewdropParticle dust
Rainbow Talent Changing Dust (Bonus) Particle dustRed gerberOrange acornYellow sunflowerGreen leafBlue dewdropPurple featherParticle dust

*Order follow as released in-game. Click in the arrows to change from A to Z.


Zarina is "busy" in her pixie dust laboratory (in her home) and needed (the player's) help to make different types of colored pixie dust. After helping Zarina complete her pixie dust experiments she has "mastered her talent."


  • This game has similar theme to Pixie Dust Powers and Pixie Dust Magic.
  • Despite being in Disney LOL games, the game was not included in Tinker Bell games list.
  • The specifications of the ingredients color could mean that some exist in different colors.
    • Only the black sunflower seed was used only once.
  • The dust color inside the bowl was the same pink to all recipes.
  • It is unknown why some dusts had the word "Talent" and others not.
  • Water Breathing, Snow Fall, Dream and Rainbow Changing dusts were not mentioned before this game.
    • It is unknown if "Rainbow Talent Changing Dust" is the same as what Zarina did in the movie when she held many dusts at the same time before trowing them.
    • Dream Dust could be a reference to Sandman's sand/dust, that makes children sleep.
    • Water Breathing and Snow Fall could be related to water and snow/winter talents.
  • The musics from this game are the same ones used in the fifth movie when Zarina gets home and starts the experiments.