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You're afraid of nothing, I can see that. You're as quick as the wind-- and just as bold. The most fearless flier we've ever seen.
Mother Dove, upon Wisp's arrival

Wisp is a fearless new fast-flying-talent fairy. She loves danger, excitment, and adventure. She is depicted with platinum hair and green eyes.

In the Books[]

Vidia Meets Her Match[]

In the book, 'Vidia Meets her Match', Wisp is the new fast flying fairy who has just arrived in Pixie Hollow. She takes imediate interest in Vidia and challenges her to endless races, each ending in a tie, them almost getting killed, or causing destuction.

Vidia comes home one day, and finds Wisp in her house. Vidia soon finds out that Wisp stole some of her extra powerful pixie dust that she made out a feather she stole off of Mother Dove. Vidia is extremly upset, but Wisp points out that since they both have special pixie dust, they will have even better races. Wisp and Vidia race past a meadow where flames have been recently put out. Vidia tries to stop, but Wisp does not listen and ends up sparking the flames. Wisp tries to escape, but gets trapped by the flames, only by a gopher hole is Vidia able save her. As Vidia rushes off to get a healing talent fairy, Wisp sits on a dirt clump sulking.