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Winter Woods Crossing is a Mini-game, currently available in Disney LOL - Tinker Bell Games.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Periwinkle;

Fauna: Rabbit, Bird, Squirrel, Weasel;

Locations: Winter Woods;

Objects: Lost Things (cooking pot, rope, safety pin, button, paper clip);


Move Tinker Bell or Periwinkle with the mouse cursor while collecting objects to create inventions that helps moving the animals to the winter woods. Players can also collect seeds or snowflakes and free birds to extra points.

After completing the game, a pair of ice skates were available for Pixie Hollow Online being, however, unavailable after the site closure.


In Pixie Hollow, as the season is changing and winter is coming, Tinker Bell and Periwinkle need help to get the lost animals to cross to the Winter Woods.


  • In the last level three snowflakes were inaccessible.
  • The advertising and prize for Pixie Hollow (online game) was not removed from the mini-game even after the site closure.
  • Tinker Bell's first house from the concept art version was available inside the game.