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Yet past the Summer Meadow and beyond the Autumn Wood, lies an icy land of secrets, a world misunderstood. But if your mind is open and your heart just has to know, your wings can take you farther than you ever thought you'd go.
Realm winter

The mysterious Winter Woods is home to the Winter Fairies like Periwinkle. The warm seasons are too warm for a cold Fairy's wings, so it's forbidden for Winter Fairies to crossover and leave this area. Likewise, Fairies from the other other three realms rarely venture into the Winter Woods because of the bitter cold which could damage their wings.

The Minister of Winter lives[1] and rules with supreme authority over Winter Woods, but the power she have all over it is unmatched to Lord Milori, who were the highest order in the northern portion, perpetually buried under ice and snow as well the hollow's division that all Winter-talents calls their home. They made their houses off solid ice all through the frosty-covered lands of Lord Milori's dominion.


Pixie dust-producing root in Winter Woods

Pixie Dust also occurs naturally in the Winter Woods, courtesy of a root from the Pixie Dust Tree

In the third sequel, it told that a previous decree by Queen Clarion and Lord Milori had forbid warm-weather fairies from visit this area and winter fairies from leaving to warm-weather realms as they could lose their wings due to the weather divergences. After these events, the decree was removed allowing fairies to enter and leave the winter woods freely if meeting special conditions such as protecting warm-weather fairies' wings with a layer of frost, or the creation of falling snow for places a winter fairy would visit on Pixie Hollow's warm side. Since winter-talents can't cross The Border and visit the Pixie Dust Tree without special precautions, one of its roots has made its way into the Winter Woods and sprouted off a cliff. There, Pixie Dust drops off into an ice basin and as such, winter-talents never had to worry about the dangerous warm side of Pixie Hollow. As one of the roots of the Pixie Dust Tree, it is obviously linked to it; meaning if a threat is coming, the Pixie Dust supply in the winter realm will slowly stop until over.[2]

But after the Pixie Dust Tree were saved when the frost fairies used their magic, it survived the bitter cold, melted and fully recovered when the sunbeams shone throught its old leaves. This truly means that Pixie Dust began its course down to the ice basin at Periwinkle, Gliss and Spike's icy homeland and filled it completely.

Winter Woods' view

A portion of the Winter Woods

Places of interest[]


In Pixie Hollow (online game) it contains the meadows: Chilly Falls, Snowcap Glade and Evergreen Overlook, while the Frosted Forest being a special meadow.

Winter Woods' view2

Another portion of the Winter Woods


  • It is possible that food is delivered from the baking fairies to this realm via the baskets carried by owls, just as the tinkered goods.
  • The third sequel was originally going to have this realm name, being "Tinker Bell and the Mystery of the Winter Woods."
  • There is a mini-game with this realm name: Winter Woods Crossing.