Realm winter

A part of the winter woods.

Winter Woods, seen the place of the artisans.

The Winter Woods is an area of Pixie Hollow that is in perpetual winter.  Ruled over by Lord Milori, the winter fairies live there and prepare for winter on the Mainland.

Travel in and out of the Winter Woods was forbidden by Queen Clarion, as the wings of warm-weather fairies would freeze and break in its cold temperatures, and the wings of cold-weather fairies would melt and break in warm temperatures.  However, this ruling was rescinded when it was discovered that putting a layer of frost over a fairy's wings would protect them from temperature change.  Since that point, warm and cool fairies have been visiting each other.

Fairies who Arrive in the Winter Woods become winter-talent fairies.  (See the Arrival page for more information.)
Pixie dust in the Winter Woods is supplied by a root from the Pixie Dust Tree that extends all the way out to the Winter Woods and pokes out from a small cliff.  Dust flows from this root and falls down into a basin.

Frosted Forest

The Frosted Forest is a special meadow made for the Sister Celebration in Pixie Hollow (online game).  It was based off of the meadow in Secret Of The Wings of the same name.  The meadow is only open through the holidays at the moment, but if requested enough, may become a meadow of it's own.

Players needed to complete a quest for Tinker Bell to get the "key" to enter.  Once in, you can explore the meadow, buy s

The Frosted Forest

weets in Spike's Sweet Shop, click the branch for a special effect, and watch it snow every 30 minutes. Players were given a beautiful option of snow that appeared every so often in the meadow (i.e, 1:00, 1:30, 1:45, 2:00 and so on), and lasted for two minutes.  The frost fairies train your talent here. (If you want.)

Notable Appearances

The Winter Woods are featured heavily in Secret of the Wings.

In Pixie Hollow Online it is one of the main four realms and consists of two shops, three meadows, four games, and one quest giver.  It was released on December 19, 2008.