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Winter is the season where snow kicks up and the planet begins to hibernate as a result. It typically lasts from December to February.

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Winter season


Winter is the season where the planet receives the most indirect sunlight and as a result becomes exceptionally cold. It begins on December 21, during the Winter Solstice, and ends on March 22, which begins the Vernal Equinox, along with spring. During this time, temperatures drop to lower levels and snow falls.

Like every other season, winter has a Minister who keeps an eye on the preparations and leads the changing of the seasons. Since Secret of the Wings (film), Lord Milori appeared to have replaced her and instead he oversees the final preparations related to winter before delivery on the Mainland (with the help of Snowy Owls).

Winter Months[]

  • December
  • January
  • February

In the franchise[]

The winter-talent fairies travel to the Mainland during their season. They ensure cold currents, spiky icicles, snow blankets and fine snowflakes. Even fuzzy animals are put in hibernation period by Winter-Animal-talents. Furthermore, frost fairies such as Periwinkle, Gliss and Spike freeze everything at their patch (with the exception of water bodies) as it is responsability of glacier-talent fairies such as Slush. Snowflakes dances in the sky under an Aurora Borealis which isn't produced by fairies, but rather by nature itself. Icicles hang in every human home, courtesy of Peri and her talent guild. The Winter Woods is perpetually in winter season.