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Wings of Starlight is a novel scheduled for release on February 5, 2025,[1][2][3] with the plot being a prequel to the Disney Fairies franchise as a whole, along with direct precursor events to the plot of Secret of the Wings.[4] Clarion is preparing for her coronation as queen, while handling various stories and tales regarding Winter Woods, including rumors of a monster and the winter fairy Milori.

While the book's front cover does not bear the Disney Fairies logo, the characters and locations are those of the Disney Fairies franchise.

The project of making the book was stated to have started "over a year and a half" before June 27, 2024.[4]

With the initial press release stating a page number of 400, it would result in the longest book in the Disney Fairies franchise as of at the time of the book's release, outnumbering Bleakwatch Chronicles: Tinker Bell and the Lost City by a margin of 144 pages.

Official synopsis[]

"Brimming with magic and romance, a young fairy queen must form an unlikely alliance or risk an unspeakable danger destroying all she holds dear in this standalone YA novel from New York Times bestselling author Allison Saft.

It’s been centuries since a warm-season fairy in Pixie Hollow has crossed into the Winter Woods, and while most fear the legends of monsters lurking in the frozen lands, Clarion, can’t help being intrigued by Winter’s stoic beauty. But under the watchful eyes of the current monarch and the court’s seasonal ministers, Clarion has little time to dwell on daydreams while the days to her coronation dwindle away.

That is, until reports of a monster crossing from Winter into Spring make their way to the palace. Clarion sees defeating this threat as an opportunity to prove that she is worthy of her new role. But instead of finding a monster at the edge of Winter, she finds Milori, a young guardian of the Winter Woods. Together, they form an unlikely bond as they race to save their lands.

But as their alliance warms to something more, they will discover there is a reason a warm-season fairy and a winter fairy must not be together. And the cost could be just as deadly as the monsters that prowl the Winter Woods.

Discover the origin of the sweeping, star-crossed romance between the queen of Pixie Hollow and the lord of the Winter Woods.


  • Queen Clarion
  • Lord Milori
  • Unspecified monarch that preceded Queen Clarion
  • Seasonal ministers