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The Wing Weaknesses that the Never Fairies have

Main Weaknesses[]


Fairy wings are like sponges. If liquid water comes into contact with a fairy's wing, the wing abosrbs the water and gets heavy. The added weight prevents flight for a short duration for the fairy. This is seen when Vidia is hit from fluid from a car and her wings get wet and she cannot fly and after she fails she wipes some water off her wings. If the wings are completely submerged in water for too long the fairy is at risk of drowning due to the heavy weight of the wings dragging the fairy underwater.


Winter fairy wings are susceptible to heat on their wings. If they get warm they lose power, the fairy will not be able to feel the wings and the wings will eventually lose shape and could have great potential to break.


Warm fairies wings are susceptible to the cold. If the wings get cold, the fairy has trouble flapping her wings fast enough to stay aloft. This also exposes the wing to breakage as seen with Tinkerbell's broken wings.

Lack of Fairy Dust[]

Wings need fairy dust for a fairy to fly. Without fairy dust the fairy cannot fly for long durations. This is seen when Tinkerbell ran out of fairy dust and flapped her wings as fast as she could, but could only hover for a few seconds before falling to the ground.

Lack of room for wings[]

Wings need room to fly. This is evident when Tinkerbell tucked her fairy wings in her winter coat and jumped but fell. This also means that fairy dust alone cannot make a fairy fly, wing flappage is also required.


Under most cases, a Broken Wing is a permanent injury that would prevent any fairy from flying again.  Drastic temperature changes can damage wings - for warm-weather fairies, their wings can freeze and break, and for cold-weather fairies their wings can melt and break.  However, if two Fairy Siblings touch their wings together, the broken wing will mend.It is unknown whether the sparkle can repair other fairies' wings or if it would work if the wing was incomplete, since Tinker Bell's wing only had a tear, whereas Lord Milori's was broken off.