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This is Spider Silk Grotto, where we collect dewdrops to decorate blades of grass. Can you help collect the falling dewdrops?

Water Web was a mini-game released in September 2008 in Pixie Hollow Online. The game was located in Spider Silk Grotto, which was reached by following the cobblestone path in Neverberry Thicket.


Characters: Silvermist

Animals: Spiders

Locations: Spider Silk Grotto, Spring Valley


Dewdrops kept rolling off of the flowers and onto the spiders' webs! The player's job was to collect these falling dewdrops by guiding them into a bucket. This was done by creating and/or removing web strands in order to make the droplets reach their destination. As the bucket moved between levels, the destination could vary.

Occasionally, spiders would weave non-removable strands of web, which may have got in the player's way. They could be used to your advantage, but if you weren't careful, they could steer your dewdrop far away from the bucket.

Spider in Water Web

A spider weaving a web strand.

Difficulty Levels[]

There were 30 levels of Water Web in total. However, by selecting a difficulty level, players could play a specific range of levels.

Water Web difficulty levels
Water Web: Levels of Difficulty
Difficulty Levels Members-Only Access
Easy 1-5 No
Medium 6-13 No
Hard 14-21 No
Royal 22-30 No
Play All 1-30 Yes

Only players with a Membership could play all levels back-to-back.

Dewdrop Types[]

There were 4 types of dewdrops that could be found throughout the game:

Dewdrop in Water web
  • Standard dewdrops
    • They were light blue in color. They were the most common type to appear and the first type of dewdrop the player was introduced to.
Green Dewdrop in Water Web
  • Green dewdrops
    • They were light green in color and provided the player with 1,000 bonus points when collected. They appeared in Level 2 and onward.
Yellow Dewdrop in Water Web
  • Yellow dewdrops
    • They were light yellow in color. Collecting one would give the player an "Extra Chance", allowing them to continue playing if they made a mistake. They appeared in Level 5 and onward.
Pink Dewdrop in Water Web
  • Pink dewdrops
    • They were a faded pink in color. Collecting one would give the player 500 bonus points. They appeared in Level 10 and onward.