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Volleybug - field 1

Volleybug field

Volleybug is a fairy game seen in Volleybug short animation.


How to play[]

Volleybug - iridessa

Iridessa using her talent to throw the bug

After the net is ready and the fairies are divided to the front and the back of the net, an animal-talent fairy explains the dos and don'ts for the pill bugs and ask who wants to go first. With a pill bug in hand, each fairy uses their talents to throw the bug high in the air above the net from one side to another. After the pill bug falls in the ground (safely), another pill bug is chosen to be the ball. It is unknown how the game ends and if there is a winner group.


In Volleybug short Tinker Bell, Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist and Rosetta are seen playing this game in the Mainland.