Vidia Meets Her Match


Kiki Thorpe
Adrienne Brown and Charles Pickens
Random House
Publication Date
July 12, 2009
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Wisp: "I owe you my life, Vidia."
Vidia: "Your life? And what would I want with a silly thing like that? After all, you're just a foolish little fairy. Only the second-best flier in Pixie Hollow."
-The end of Vidia Meets Her Match

Vidia Meets Her Match is the twentyfirst book in the Disney Fairies series.


A new fairy named Wisp arrives and wants to become friends with Vidia. Vidia "agrees" and decides to race her. When Wisp almost wins, the two have more races, each one more risky than the last. Finally, Vidia catches Wisp stealing her special fairy dust because she wants to be faster. Feeling betrayed, Vidia says that they will have a race to determine who is fastest once and for all.

They happen to fly over an area where a fire had just burned. Their wings accidentally fan the flames and the fire starts up again. Wisp is trapped by a wall of flames and her wings are too scorched to fly. Despite what Wisp did to her, Vidia asks Fawn if there is any way to Wisp's fire cage without getting burned herself. Fawn directs her to an old groundhog tunnel. Vidia crawls to Wisp. Wisp is astonished that selfish Vidia had come to rescue her even though she stole some of Vidia's dust, but follows her any way. Once they are out, Wisp apologizes for being so reckless and Vidia flies off to find a nursing-talent fairy.