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Oh my, another challenger. You think you're faster than me, do you? I'm game. Go ahead, try to catch some acorns from my little tornado.

Vidia's Daily Spin was a mini-game released in September 2010 in Pixie Hollow Online. It was located in Acorn Summit.


Characters: Vidia

Locations: Autumn Forest, Sour Plum Tree, Winter Woods (visible in the distance)


Available once a day, players could use their mouse cursor to click on the tornados available & receive one random prize (three prizes were available for members).

The rewards varied each day, and the possible rewards included:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Room/garden decorations
  • Ingredients
  • Sweets
  • Dye bottles
  • A rock (No reward)

If the player attempted to play for a second time on the same day, Vidia would turn them away.

Nine badges were attainable from playing this game.


  • Unlike most mini-game in Pixie Hollow Online, Vidia's Daily Spin was not considered a talent game.