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I am a fast-flying fairy, a true rare talent. And this is but a small part of what I do. I make breezes in the summer, blow down leaves in the fall. My winds even brought you here, dear. Fairies of every talent depend on me!
— Vidia introducing herself to Tinker Bell[src]

Vidia is a fast-flying fairy. She prides herself on being the fastest fairy there is, and scoffs at the notion that anyone else – especially a fairy like Tinker Bell – is anywhere near her level.

In the books, Vidia is the only fairy in Pixie Hollow who doesn't live in the Home Tree. She lives in a Sour Plum Tree, which other fairies don't mind because they feel that some distance between themselves and Vidia is a good thing. Vidia's character is somewhat different in the films: while still being prickly and rude, she can be nice much more often than the book version, and eventually becomes friends with the others. In the books, she has a bit of a soft spot for Prilla and later Wisp, but she will not admit it openly.

Appearances in Movies/Specials[]

Tinker Bell[]

In Tinker Bell, Vidia helped with the arrival of Tinker Bell. When Tink introduces herself to Vidia, she is very mean to Tink, derides Tinker talents as being less than her own, and tricks her into thinking that tinker fairies go to the Mainland. When Tink asks her for help, Vidia tricks her into trying to catch the sprinting thistles, which results in ruining the preparations for spring. Queen Clarion later punishes her by ordering her to catch all of the escaped thistles.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure[]

She appears briefly in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009), delivering autumn at the beginning, and again at the end when the blue pixie dust appears. Here, she is a non-speaking character.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue[]

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010), Vidia, during an argument with Tinker Bell, accidentally causes her to be captured by humans while trying to teach her a lesson. Vidia feels horrible about what she has done and later confesses it to Tink's friends. They all went to go save Tink from Lizzy Griffiths, a human who Vidia believes to be evil. While saving Tink, she was captured by Dr. Griffiths, who had initially planned to show her to other scientists before his daughter Lizzy convinced him to let Vidia go. At the end, she and Tinker Bell seemed to be on friendly terms.

Pixie Hollow Games[]

In Pixie Hollow Games (2011), her partner was Zephyr. Vidia was the captain of the fast-flying fairies with Zephyr as her teammate competing in the games against other talent guilds. Vidia and Zephyr took second place in the finals, though during the cart race they were eliminated when their cart crashed while taking a shortcut.

Secret of the Wings[]

In Secret of the Wings (2012), Vidia and the gang go on a journey in the Winter Woods, a place of mystery. During their trip, Tinker Bell meets a frost-talent fairy named Periwinkle. By this point, she is often more sarcastic towards Rosetta instead of Tinker Bell, seeing Rosetta as flighty and annoying.

The Pirate Fairy[]

In the fifth film, The Pirate Fairy (2014), she and her friends magically switch talents. Her talent is switched to a Tinker-talent, much to her chagrin, as she thinks it is the least useful talent. Her talent manages to save the day in the end, as she builds several devices to turn the other Fairies into more powerful fighters.

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast[]

In the sixth film, Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (2014) , Vidia plays a supporting role.


Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (2005) []

Vidia, shown to be cruel, snide, and sarcastic, goes on the quest to restore Mother Dove's egg with Prilla and Rani in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg. She was selected by Mother Dove to go, though Queen Clarion officially appointed Rani as leader so Vidia wouldn't take over. It was stated that Vidia had cruelly plucked Mother Dove' feathers years earlier, for "fresh dust". While Prilla distracted Captain Hook, Vidia helped Rani take his cigar holder and later plucked the feather from the golden hawk. Vidia, lacking empathy, was greatly pained by the hawk's empathic attack, but convinced herself that the hawk had made the pain worse than it really was. But when Rani offered to trade her wings to gain a mermaid's comb, she could not bring herself to do the job, leaving it up to Prilla instead. When all three objects were gathered, Vidia helped take them to the dragon Kyto. Vidia's selfishness and greed ended up saving the day, as she kept some hidden "fresh dust" on her (just in case they failed, so that she could be the last Fairy to ever fly), allowing the Fairies to make the journey in time when their supply of dust had run out.

Vidia and the Fairy Crown (2006) []


Vidia and the Fairy Crown

When Queen Clarion's crown went missing in Vidia and the Fairy Crown, she was accused of taking it by Tinker Bell due to a comment she had made about doing so prior to the crown's disappearance. All the other fairies believed it too, except for Prilla. Queen Clarion set her court date to be the next morning, so Prilla and Vidia set out to clear her name. They investigated and questioned anyone who had handled the crown, eventually discovering that Nora had mistaken it for a replica crown party favor and put it with the other replicas. Together with Dupe, they tried on all the crowns until Vidia had found the real one. Vidia had all of the fairies she questioned stand as witnesses, clearing her name. When Queen Clarion apologizes for allowing people to accuse Vidia and suggests throwing a party for her and Prilla, Vidia rudely snaps that she'd rather go "on another wild goose chase for some missing bauble" that attend a party of the Queen's.

Beck Beyond the Sea (2007)[]

Vidia frequently appears in this story, being seemingly excited about the idea of Beck going off on a journey. She even offers Beck the "special dust" from Mother Dove's feathers in a rare moment of kindness. However, it eventually turns out that Vidia was being dishonest and had a plan. She plotted to have Beck be lost far away from Pixie Hollow, thus leaving Mother Dove vulnerable. Vidia managed to pluck two of her feathers before Beck could return- Beck managed to stop the third attempt, catching Vidia in the act. Vidia was punished by being grounded for two weeks- all of Beck's bird friends ensuring that the punishment was carried out.

Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand (2007) []

When Vidia wouldn't go after the wand in Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, Mother Dove had her locked in Rani's room. She eventually broke free and took the wand, and wished to be able to fly as fast as she wanted. But because there was no longer any challenge in trying to fly as fast as she could, it was no longer enjoyable; thus, her wish (as Mother Dove had predicted) "broke her heart." The wish was later reversed, and her speed was brought back to normal. She was so joyful that she uncharacteristically hugged a nearby wind-polishing fairy.

Fairies and the Quest for Never Land (2010) []

She fell in love with Kyto in Fairies and the Quest for Never Land- young Gwendolyn spots the two flirting when she goes searching around Never Land. Kyto will blow his smoke, sending his "little crispiness" and "quicksilver" flying faster than ever before, while she compliments his "beautiful" flying and uses syrupy terms like "love" and "dearest" unironically. Vidia appeared to be on his side, teaching him to fly once he was free, and carrying on with him, but proved herself still loyal to the fairies in the end. She helped Gwendolyn distract Kyto by pretending to be agonized when Gwendolyn snatched her- the other fairies placed a Kyto Keeper collar around his neck, trapping him once more. In the end, she still stayed with him, but the fast-fliers were ultimately not disgraced. "A loyal traitor", she is called.

Disney Fairies Storybook Library (2010)[]

In one of the stories, Vidia was referred to as being cruel and unappreciative of other talents. After making a water-talent cry, she proudly bragged that "It will snow in Pixie Hollow before I appreciate another talent!". And so the water-talents gathered together to make it snow- Vidia is shown with the other fairies playing in the snow and having great fun, but still refuses to confess to appreciating it. The others realize that she's lying, given how much fun she's having.

Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse (2008) []

She appeared in Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse, when she fell in the water and Silvermist saved her making her stuck at the fairy picnic- though this wasn't Silvermist's fault, Vidia was enraged and tried to get back at her. Later she tried to upset Silvermist many times about the white ladybug curse, constantly finding ways to subtly needle her about it (either by bringing it to Sil's attention, or by smirking whenever disaster struck). She did wake Silvermist up for the waterball tournament, showing either an act of kindness, or a sinister way to prove to everyone that Silvermist was indeed cursed. Silvermist got a bulls-eye when Vidia called her a coward.

Vidia Meets Her Match (2009) []

A new fast-flying talent named Wisp arrives and wants to become friends with Vidia- the two quickly engage in a series of daring races. Vidia finds Wisp to be increasingly reckless, especially when both are nearly eaten by hawks. Finally, Vidia catches Wisp stealing her special fairy dust because she wants to be faster. Feeling betrayed, Vidia says that they will have a race to determine who is fastest once and for all. They happen to fly over an area where a fire had just burned. Wisp's wings accidentally fan the flames (something even Vidia would be careful not to do) and the fire starts up again. Wisp is trapped by a wall of flames and her wings are too scorched to fly.

Vidia uncharacteristically saves Wisp's life despite the thievery. Wisp tearfully confesses: "I shouldn't have stolen your fairy dust. I'd fly backward if I could. I was a fool to keep racing like that. I owe you my life, Vidia." Vidia merely smirked: 'Your life?' she said. "And what would I want with a silly thing like that? After all, you're just a foolish little fairy. Only the second-best flier in Pixie Hollow.' "

Four Clues for Rani (2011) []

In Four Clues for Rani, Vidia pairs up with Dulcie for the Fairy Treasure Hunt. She makes a bet with Rani that if she wins Rani has to be her servant and vice versa. Rani and Ronan later hear her at Echo Cavern, screaming at Dulcie that she doesn't want another muffin. Vidia loses the bet, having been tricked by Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, and seems less than happy about being Rani's servant.

Physical appearence[]

Vidia has long black hair, (in the movies she has plum-colored hair) fair skin, pouty lips, and arched eyebrows. She is quite tall for a fairy.


Vidia tends to be secretive, keeping extra pixie dust locked in a box hidden under her bed and racing dragonflies when the other fairies aren't looking. She is self-centered and believes not all fairies are created equal. Vidia's personality in the films changes a great deal.

In Tinker Bell she is very vindictive, jealous and spiteful, deliberately setting Tinker Bell up to fail, mocking Tink's talent, and bragging about her own.

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, she undergoes a personality switch, showing that she cares about Tinker Bell more. She befriends Sil, Fawn, Ro, Dessa, Clank and Bobble. While she mocks Tinker Bell's fascination with humans, and plays a prank on her, she is horrified when a human girl captures Tink. She ends up leading a quest to save Tink, feeling guilt-ridden about what happened. She comes clean to the other Fairies, and is grateful to find forgiveness and acceptance - this includes her as part of the group. She is nowhere near as cruel as in the first movie, and Tink is also less argumentative with her, instead behaving as if she is unaware that Vidia is being rude.

In Pixie Hollow Games she does not speak, but she also does not cheat in the games, and accepts losing, unlike Rumble.

In Secret of the Wings, Vidia is now a full member of the group, worrying about calming Periwinkle and Tinker Bell, but she does not dispense jokes in bad taste, when she tells Periwinkle: "Advice from fairy to fairy, Tink gets to be unbearable once in the middle when."

In The Pirate Fairy she is much more kind, gentle and a good companion, though still acts angry when her talent is switched to "Tinker Fairy". She cares about her friends and smiles often, though is still frequently exasperated or snarky.

In Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, she is a more typical member of the group, though still acts annoyed with Rosetta ("EWWW!! My mouth was open!" "It's ALWAYS open!"). However, she is later shown crying with the group when Gruff goes back into hibernation.


Tinker Bell (DS Game)[]

Vidia makes an appearance in the Nintendo DS game, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell. She is the fairy to interact with when going to play the Race Vidia minigame. In the first half of the minigame, one must collect at least 2,500 points in order to proceed to the second half, where one has to tag Vidia in the race, with potential prizes including jewels and exclusive clothes. She can usually be found at the Sour Plum Tree, Winter Woods, Pine Tree Grove, Midsummer Hills, Flower Garden, and Lilypad Pond.

Like most fairies, she will occasionally ask for Tinker Bell to do tasks such as fetch quests, deliveries, and item repairs.


Vidia is a fast-flying-fairy who creates winds and breezes. She prides herself on being the fastest fairy there is, and scoffs at the notion that anyone else is anywhere near her level. Vidia is not the easiest fairy to make friends with, but there may be more to her than just her prickly exterior. She lives in a solitary sour plum tree, and wears a sleek, dark purple outfit crafted to be aerodynamic, with feathers for stabilization.

Game data[]

Likes: Iris

Dislikes: Four-Leaf Clover

When Vidia takes an accessory from Tink’s Shop, there’s a possibility she may give a Green Iris.


  • Seeing you again so early is… not unwelcome, Tinker Bell.
  • You’re the first fairy I’ve spoken to today. Lucky you.
  • Oh, joy… what a pleasant sight first thing in the morning.
  • Oh, it’s… you. Delightful.
  • And here my day was going so well.
  • A day without you, Tink, is… well, like most other days. Only duller.
  • You’re almost as fast as I am, Tink. And that’s saying something.
  • Sneaking up on people in the dark, Tink? You’re my kind of fairy.
  • I hope your day was pleasant, Tink. No, really. I’m being sincere. Stop laughing.
  • If I’m going to run into someone in the dark, it might as well be you, Tink.
  • I need my beauty sleep, so let’s make this quick.
  • Tinker Bell, don’t leave me alone with those other fairies for so long! You’re the only one I can tolerate!
  • I can’t be seen talking to fairies who fly slow. You’re not slow, are you, little tinker?
  • My winds keep birds and butterflies aloft.
  • Another day over, and I’m still the fastest fairy in Pixie Hollow.
  • If you could ever beat me in a race, I’d tell everyone you’re the fastest fairy in the world! Of course, that’s about as likely to happen as me singing about bunnies and rainbows.
  • Better watch out when I’m flying at night. You might get run over.
  • So you want to learn how to fly fast, hm, dear? The first step is not smashing into things. Like the ground.
  • You’re blocking my sun.
  • That crisp breeze you feel? That’s me, whizzing by faster than you can see.
  • This humid afternoon air is a bit thick for flying fast.
  • Think I’ll whip up a nice afternoon breeze.
  • Fast-flying fairies always make it to the Mainland first.
  • We fast-flying fairies blow down leaves in Autumn.
  • We all need pixie dust to fly. And the more dust you collect during the race, the faster you’ll fly. Understand, dear?
  • The accessory you made goes with almost everything I have, Tink!
  • I don’t know why fairies like those frou-frou colors. Clearly, purple and black are the most elegant of all.
  • Fast-flying fairies spread pollen in the Spring. And much more.
  • If I’m left alone to do my work, Spring will be a success.
  • This Summer, perhaps I’ll take a nice, relaxing flight around Never Land.
  • Finally… some nice, cold weather is on its way to the mainland.
  • I hope that as we’re preparing for Winter, you won’t be hovering around me.
  • A sparrow-man told me he thought the Iris was not the most beautiful plant in Pixie Hollow. I corrected him. (Like hint)
  • Everyone says four-leaf clovers are so pretty. I don’t see it, personally. I think they’re just weird. (Dislike hint)
  • For me? And I haven’t even been that nice to you. I guess I’ll have to change that!
  • Thank you! Who told you this is my favorite? Seriously, who? Because I don’t like people talking about me.
  • Ugh. This reeks. I’m going to bury it.
Water Balloon Message[]
  • I can’t believe it! I actually like this. How could I possibly be a fan of a tinker?


  • Quick fact: Vidia's magical talent allows her to control whirlwinds to catch up dusty pollen to fill pots-and-pots during Spring, create cool breezes during Summer and more.
  • According to Gail Carson Levine's official blog, when being proposed by Disney to write Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, the name suggested to use for the character was actually Invidia, however, she didn't like the name, thinking it was too depressing, so the name ended up being shortened to just Vidia.
    • "Invidia" is a Latin word meaning: envy. This makes senses in the original movie, as Vidia herself was incredible jealous of Tinker Bell's unusual and rare talent; this is why she despised her since both discovered how gifted she was among fellow tinkers.
  • Vidia is the only fairy that originated from the books to become a main antagonist.
  • She cares for the well-being of Tinker Bell, but never admits it.
  • After her adventure in Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, she is shown to be a little nicer. In the Pixie Hollow's Short clips she is also shown to think about others.
  • Even though in the "How I Train Vidia" Pixie Preview, it said that she could fly faster than the speed of sound, in the preview, she wasn't actually breaking the sound barrier.
  • Vidia only has three outfits, whereas the other fairies (excluding the winter fairies) have five. (One for each season and one for the Pixie Hollow Games). Vidia has a Spring outfit which she also wears in Autumn and Summer. A Pixie Hollow Games outfit and a Winter outfit, which she wears in Secret of the Wings.
  • Her two BFFs (Best Fairy Friends) are Silvermist and Tinker Bell.
  • A great number of the chapter books feature at least one chapter in which Vidia flies in and says something sarcastic and rude to the main character. She has suggested that Silvermist is unlucky, Rani is "useless" without her wings, Tinker Bell is losing her talent, and more. One of the Never Girls books also features a moment where she convinces a young girl to steal a huge amount of Fairy Dust for her, as well.
  • In the books, Vidia keeps a secret box of extra pixie dust, that's locked and hidden under her bed. To get the extra pixie dust, Vidia plucked ten feathers from Mother Dove and ground them herself. After learning about this, Queen Clarion forbade Vidia from coming near Mother Dove again.
  • Vidia once became a Tinker fairy[1] when Zarina knocked her and the others with multi-colored Pixie Dust. She later began to have thoughts like an inborn tinker and had made a fairy-sized boat. But at the end, she and her friends were all restored to their original talents by Zarina herself (much to her delight, as she'd always despised tinker fairies).
  • During her time as a tinker-talent fairy, Vidia's first invention was the Eggshell Boat, which allowed her and her friends to travel across the sea to reach the pirate ship under Zarina's command.
  • Her fairy wings are the same as Zephyr's and has the same pattern (larger, broader and pointy).


  • (Tinker Bell: You're a pollenizer?) (Vidia's twister poofs, as she frowns) (Tinkerbell: Pollen-ator? Pollen-picker? Pollen-plucker?)
    • Vidia: "I am a fast-flying fairy, a true rare talent. And this is but a small part of what I do".

I make breezes in the summer, blow down leaves in the fall; my winds even brought you here, dear. Fairies of every talent depend on me!"

(Tinker Bell: Hey! That's just like what I do!)

  • Vidia: (Snorts) "Excuse me?"

(Tinker Bell: Well, tinkers help fairies of every talent, too! So, we're kinda the same, you know.)

  • Vidia: "Sweetie, I make forces of nature. You make pots and kettles. I work up in the sky, and you work down in a ditch. Oh, don't get me wrong, sunshine, being a tinker's really 'swell and all, but I wouldn't go bragging about your talent. It's not like spring depends on you!"

(Tinker Bell: Of course it does! And when I go to the Mainland, I'll prove just how important we are!)

  • Vidia: "When who goes to the Mainland?"

(Tinker Bell: Me, of course! For spring!)

  • Vidia: "Oh, of course! You'll prove it, huh?"

(Tinker Bell: Yes, I will!)

  • Vidia: "Well, I for one am looking forward to that! Excuse me!" (Cheesy smile and flies away)

(Tinker Bell: No! Excuse me!) (Flies away)


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