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Twitter is a Hummingbird that is a good friend of Beck and Fawn.

Twitter is known to overreact to almost everything, and tends to make something seem bigger than it is. He often stutters because sometimes his brain can't keep up with his mouth.




In Beck and the Great Berry Battle, he rushes to Beck to get help with the Chipmunk, but Beck simply thinks that he is overreacting again and tells him it is nothing. He comes to the Home Tree to warn Beck a second time. Beck realizes that something is not right. Beck then follows him to the hummingbirds' nests to get their side of the story. The hummingbirds claim that the chipmunks stole one of their nests, causing the Berry Battle to start. Twitter is nervous when Beck introduces him to Nan, but they quickly become friends anyway. Twitter and Nan get stranded in a log when a hawk attacks them. Twitter is saved, but Nan is to scared to come out. Together they all rescue Nan from the hawk, but when they see that it was really Grandfather Mole who unknowingly took the nest, they all laugh at how immature they have been.