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Trolls are dangerous creatures that reside in the Lost Island, north of Never Land. They are made of brambles and branches.

Never Fairies are advised to avoid trolls at all costs. Their favorite thing to do is frighten travellers, and they claim to eat fairy bones- although, no one has ever seen them eating anything at all.[1]

Two trolls appear in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, when Tinker Bell and Blaze try to cross their bridge. She was able to outsmart them by causing them to argue, and then sneaking past them. In a short, and deleted scene, the trolls were still arguing when they saw Tinker Bell, and Terence on their hot air balloon, waving at them, while she was telling the trolls to play nice.

Known Trolls


  • It is currently unknown whether or not female trolls exist, as only male trolls are depicted in Disney Fairies media