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Trill Changes Her Tune is the twenty-third chapter book published by Random House.


After losing her panpipes, the gawky and shy Trill convinces some other music-talent fairies to try less traditional instruments in the upcoming Oceanside Symphony concert. This causes a major stir, as Cleff, the lead music-talent, is always doing the same concert every year.

Trill, usually non-assertive and stuttering, instead decides to take a stand, attempting to create numerous new ways of making music. Several of the music-talents go off with her, causing a divide in their group.

Cleff is frustrated, but not unkind- he even has Strad, the best fixer of instruments in Pixie Hollow, stay up all night to fix her panpipes, believing this is the cause of her attempts at creating new music. He even saves her after she runs into trouble while trying to get porcupine quills for a new set of panpipes.

In the end, the concert is a smashing success- at first competing with Cleff's fairies for musical supremacy, the two begin to "move" with each other's music, and eventually the whole symphony comes together. Both realize the error of their ways- Cleff sees that there are new ways of doing things, and Trill realizes that she was a bit too reckless and caused some to endanger themselves.

This is the only book to feature Trill at all, which is fairly unusual for the line (even one-off main characters like Dulcie and Bess had appeared in tales beforehand and afterwards as minor characters).