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Trill is a music-talent fairy who features in Trill Changes Her Tune. Unlike other music talents, Trill is very shy and unsocial. She's quiet and prefers to stay in the background. Her most prized possession is her panpipes.

Her name comes from a trill- a rapid alternation of adjacent musical notes.

In the books[]

Trill is the central character in her book Trill Changes Her Tune. In the story, Trill breaks her panpipes before a big concert. She decides that the best solution is to create new instruments to make their music sound better. But Cleff prefers old fashioned instruments and disagreed. This caused tension between the talent guild members. Some agreed with Trill but others agreed with Cleff. Trill isn't used to being in the spotlight, but she stands up for herself and what she believes in.

Trill is depicted as so shy that she stutters frequently when making points, and desperately trying to avoid any awkward conversations (even talking to fairies that she considers friends, like Beck and Fawn). But during the course of the story, she grows in confidence over her side being correct, and unexpectedly finds herself leading the rebels in of the music-talents.

By story's end, she and Cleff have made amends, seeing the point of the other side- Trill sees that she was reckless and gave some bad advice, while Cleff enjoys the differences Trill brought to their music.


  • Trill is said to be a head taller than most of the other fairies; something she is self-conscious about. Though typically seen flying or crouching, making determining her height difficult, a few pictures clearly show her as almost a full head taller than Cleff. She is the only fairy in the books described this way.
  • Despite starring in her very own chapter book, Trill appears nowhere else. This is quite unusual for the books, but this was late in the line (2011).