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Treasure Chest is a short animation, Pixie Preview, related to the fifth movie.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Vidia


The short opens with Tinker Bell and Vidia taking a trip to the beach looking for lost things (the same spot during the short AAARGH). All of a sudden, Tinker Bell spotted a golden chalice with gold doubloons landed onto the beach, much to her joy. She asks Vidia to help her look for pirate treasure, but a treasure chest-like-box eats her inside and left the beach afterwards. In the process, Vidia is unable to stand up properly due to vibrations, gets eaten by a human skull and get trapped in a compass. Vidia yells that she finds her treasure chest, causing Tink to demonstrate her fencing skills with two thumbtacks. Back inside the treasure chest, a golden spyglass falls down onto a spoon prying a small box with thumbtacks inside and the thumbtacks goes straight towards Vidia, but she manages to evade it, acting it as a ladder. After climbing up the thumbtacks, Vidia sticks her head out through the keyhole, but an enormous wave splashes her back inside, causing Vidia to get covered in seaweed and a hermit crab clamps her in the process. Her karate skills throws the hermit crab away, but the crab cuts the net inside to release a glass bottle rolling straight towards Vidia, squishing her against the wall. The treasure chest goes back to the beach releasing a wet Vidia and a glass bottle, causing her to lie down. A boastful Tinker Bell asks Vidia to get pirate treasure since it won't hurt her even in the slightest, leaving behind an angry Vidia. The animated short ends with the treasure chest eating Vidia again.