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Tinker Bell and the Wings of Rani is the second graphic novel published by Papercutz with five full-colour comics.

Colors of Friendship[]

There's an art contest but Bess doesn't know what she wants to paint. Prilla helps her find the perfect color such as blue, and gold. Bess decided no to blue because Vidia told her about Dupe's painting and no gold since Captain Hook was there, she choses orange instead and paints the sunset with a scene of friendship between Bess and Prilla.

The Lost Fairy[]

There is a lost fairy in Pixie Hollow, so Lily, Prilla, and Tinker Bell set out to find her. Lily is sad that she won't get to see her never-ever flower bloom, but keeps on looking since her help is essential. They all save the new fairy from almost getting eaten by a swallow, there they find a whole never-ever flower field.

The Most Beautiful Dress[]

The Festival of Dazzling Colors is coming up soon, so Tinker Bell and Prilla try to find a dress for Beck. When they finally find the right dress, Vidia takes before they have a chance to. Tink tries to get Vidia to give back, but she won't she does feel a little bad about it though. In the end Beck gets a better dress made with the help from her butterfly friends.

The Wings of Rani[]

The frog Bufo plays a prank on Beck causing her to fall in the water, Rani saves her. Beck asks Rani about the day Rani lost her wings, and what it was like. She than talks about what during the quest for the egg which shows Rani meeting Soop. They become closer friends in the process


After, Queen Clarion's helpers lose her shoes she decides to go barefoot making it the latest trend in Pixie Hollow. When the fairies go barefoot good and bad things happen to them, Rani catches a cold, Bess gets paint all over her feet, and Tink steps on something hard. They all decide to wear shoes again, when Queen Clarion is seen wearing shoes again. In the end its revealed that Queen Clarion loves to go barefoot whenever she can.