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Tinker Bell and the Most Precious Gift is the eleventh graphic novel published by Papercutz. It includes 5 full-color comics featuring Tinker Bell and her friends.


Where There's a Dream, There's a Way[]

Tinker Bell loves helping others, but when she meets a young female turtle who wishes she can fly like a fairy, what can a tinker-fairy possibly do? Even when Terence and Fawn beg her to give up, Tink believes "Where There's a Dream, There's a Way"!

The Starlight Harvest[]

The Minister of Spring requests Tinker Bell's help to spruce up Springtime Square for an upcoming special celebration that will be attended by Queen Clarion herself! Will Tink find a way to add a special regal touch to "The Starlight Harvest"?

The Most Precious Gift[]

Clank fears that everyone in Pixie Hollow, even his best friends Tink and Bobble, has forgotten his Arrival Day. But when Fairy Mary sends Clank and Cheese on a special mission, only Cheese returns! Find out what happened to Clank in "The Most Precious Gift."

A Prickly Problem[]

There's a mysterious troublemaker getting into the fairies' garden and scattering all the thorny burrs from the chestnuts, creating a big mess! It's all up to Tinker Bell to solve "A Prickly Problem"!

Rosetta's Night Out[]

After searching Never Land all day to find new plants for her garden, Rosetta decides to sleep outdoors. You won't believe what she discovers the next morning when she wakes up in "Rosetta's Night Out"!


  • Tinker Bell (1-4)
  • Fawn (1-2, 4)
  • Terence (1)
  • Iridessa (2)
  • Silvermist (2)
  • Rosetta (4-5)
  • Clank (3-4)
  • Bobble (3-4)
  • Fairy Mary (3)
  • Minister of Spring (2)
  • Minister of Autumn (4)
  • Queen Clarion (2)