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Tinker Bell and the Lucky Rainbow

Tinker Bell and the Lucky Rainbow is the tenth graphic novel published by Papercutz. It includes 4 full-color comics featuring Tinker Bell and her friends.


The Enchanted Gem[]

Tinker Bell loves finding lost objects and turning them into useful devices, but even she can't believe what an awesome discovery she's made when she stumbles upon "The Enchanted Gem"!

The Winter Fairy Concert[]

When Blurt the frog sees a butterfly, he just has to chase it! So, when Blurt is hanging out with Fawn and Tinker Bell and sees a butterfly, can he help it when he chases it, and accidentally destroys all the instruments for "The Winter Fairy Concert"?

Tinker Bell and the Lucky Rainbow[]

When Tinker Bell offers to help paint lady bugs, she meets Lady, a ladybug who doesn't believe she's lucky. Of course, that means Tink must show her otherwise! Will luck be a ladybug? Find out in "Tinker Bell and the Lucky Rainbow"!

The Vain Flower[]

Tinker Bell loves teasing Rosetta about being vain, but can one of Rosetta's flowers be vain too? It can certainly be clingy, and that's why Rosetta asks Tink to find a way to keep the flower from attaching itself to, and possibly withering, a rosebush, in "The Vain Flower"!