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Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is the second instalment in the direct-to-video Tinker Bell series.


(Warning: Spoilers!)

The Neverland Fairies are getting ready for the season of autumn. Every eight years, they create a new fall scepter to a hold a precious moonstone. This moonstone will create blue pixie dust that will restore the Pixie Dust Tree. It is the Tinker Fairies' turn to create the new scepter and they choose Tinker Bell as the maker.

Tinker Bell gets her friend Terence to help with the sceptre project, but she has trouble coping with Terence because he tries too hard to be helpful. Tinker Bell finds him annoying and noisy. An accident occurs, causing the precious moonstone to break.

Tinker Bell goes on a quest to find a magic mirror that grants three wishes. However, pirates had already used up two of the wishes before they sank their ship. This means that Tinker Bell only has one chance to make a wish with it. After a long journey she finds the ship and the lost mirror, but ends up messing up her wish on her new friend Blaze and cannot use it to restore the moonstone. Terence finds Tinker Bell and they work together on the broken moonstone to make a new scepter.

After returning to Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell is ready to present the scepter to Queen Clarion. As the scepter is revealed, all the fairies see the moonstone in pieces and are alarmed but, as the moon rays fall, the moonstone shards create increased surface area through which the blue moon rays can pass, thus creating the biggest amount of blue fairy dust in history. Then Tinker Bell leads the fairies to the Pixie Dust Tree where they strengthen it with the fallen blue pixie dust. The movie ends with the song "Take to the Sky".



  • The film's concept is loosely inspired by the 2007 Disney Fairy Chapter Book Tink, North of Never Land, albeit with numerous changes made from the book, such as adding much more drama, introduces things like the blue dust and how it is made, as well as Peter Pan and the Lost Boys noticeably absent.
  • For this film, Tinker Bell was given her first new outfit in over 50 years, which reflects the autumn setting of the movie. According to Klay Hall, the director of the movie, the tomboyish look of the outfit still reveals the curves she has had since her first appearance in 1953. Her outfit is consisting of a hat, cape, long sleeve top, leggings, and boots with her familiar pom-poms.
    • The green hat she has along with the rest of her outfit, has a red feather, possibly alluding to Peter Pan.
  • The same sound effect of Tinker Bell screaming that was used when Tinker Bell screamed in anger was also used when Tinker Bell screamed in when she saw a group fireflies and a bat flying towards her.
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure introduces 6 new pixies: Lyria, Viola, Fairy Gary, Flint, Bolt, & Stone. Of these characters...
    • The only new pixie with a unique voice actor is Flint. The others have voice actors that also voiced other characters.
    • Four of the new characters are Sparrowmen
  • A few voice actors from the first movie were changed.
    • America Ferrera was replaced with Angela Bartys for the voice of Fawn.
    • The Minister of Autumn was voiced by Richard Portnow, but he got replaced by John DiMaggio.
  • After the end credits and both the 2004-2010 DisneyToon Studios and 2006-2011 Walt Disney Pictures closing logos, there is a brief promotional teaser to the sequel Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue which was then coming soon in 2010, hence marking the only film of the Tinker Bell film series to contain a post-credits teaser.