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TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure is an educational Disney Fairies game for the LeapPad/Leapster Explorer (and other Leap Frog gaming systems).

Learning Goals[]

Depending on what grade your LeapPad is set to (Pre-K through 6th grade for the device, but the game only works within the Pre-K through 3rd spectrum), the game will teach different things, mostly involving addition or multiplication, with the multiplication problem-based minigames becoming more challenging and complex the higher your grade is, along with some early algebra.

Additional Facts[]

The game is not entirely based on math; it follows the plot of the film TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure and has typical non-educational-based activities. This game was originally released for the LeapPad Explorer (the original), but is compatible with the many other versions of the LeapPad Explorer. The game costs $15.00 and is available on the Leap Frog website for paid download, and also as a cartridge.


The player can move TinkerBell in the game by using the directional pad, unlike many LeapPad games which require the stylus to touch the part of the screen of which the player's destination would be.


All of the game's cutscenes consist of photos playing in a slideshow format while the audio from the movie plays over them.