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Tinker Bell and the Fairy Dance is a hardcover book with pop-up elements and multi-layer illustrations. English-language versions of it have been known to have been published in the United States and in Australia,[1] though copies and images of them have since become hard to find.


Queen Clarion has tasked Tinker Bell to set up the next full moon dance, as the fairies that specialized in setting up the dances could sometimes run out of ideas for making them unique. She visits and inspects Lily's garden where Lily, Iris, and Prilla grow large flowers, and the Home Tree kitchen where Dulcie and Rani are baking goods.

Clarion approaches Tink, with Tink fearing a possible tough talk, but instead Clarion hands her a new crown for Tink to wear, and which is to be worn by the host of each following full moon dance. Clarion remarks that life in Pixie Hollow is about working and celebrating together, and the dance lasts until sunrise the next morning.


  • Tinker Bell
  • Lily
  • Iris
  • Prilla
  • Dulcie
  • Rani
  • Queen Clarion