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This article is about the music album. You might be searching for the movie or its second album. For other uses see Tinker Bell (disambiguation).

Tinker Bell (album) is the first musics' CD of the Tinker Bell first film. It debuted in January 01, 2008 before the film and DVD releases.[1]


It contains ten songs, being only three present in this movie and eight made for the album. The music "Fly to Your Heart" by Selena Gomez became single, whereas the music "How to Believe" gained a new release by Bridget Mendler, becoming single of the third movie.

Track list[]

Song # Title Artist Length Release
1 To the Fairies They Draw Near (part 1) Loreena McKennitt 0:51 January 01, 2008
2 Fly to Your Heart Selena Gomez 3:12 2008
3 How to Believe Ruby Summer 3:05 2008
4 Let Your Heart Sing Katherine McPhee 3:33 2008
5 Be True Jonatha Brooke 3:51 2008
6 To the Fairies They Draw Near (part 2) Loreena McKennitt 3:35 2008
7 Shine Tiffany Giardina 3:15 2008
8 Fly With Me Kari Kimmel 3:28 2008
9 Wonder of it All Scottie Haskell 3:20 2008
10 End Credit Score Suite Joel McNeely 7:19 2008

Official Vias[]

Note: some might not be available to all countries.


  • In the film, before the music "To the Fairies They Draw Near" there is a narration with instrumental music.
  • Despite included in the film's credits, the music that plays in Wendy's music box "You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!" (the same from Peter Pan (1953) movie), composed by Sammy Cahn, Sammy Fain, was not available in Tinker Bell's albums.
  • In the physical version of this album it has foil and glitter effects.


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