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Tinker Bell: A Tinker Fairy (also "Tinker Bell and the Bell"[1] the 1st and pop. known "Tinker Bell and the Pepper/Salt Shaker" the 2nd) are two short animations, Pixie Preview, released around February 2008 before the first movie, with Tinker Bell as the protagonist.


Characters: Tinker Bell.

Lost Things: sleight bell, salt shaker; thimble (intro logo only).


In both videos, after Tinker Bell sees the Lost Thing objects (sleight bell or pepper/salt shaker), she gets stuck in them.


  • This short had no voice acting for Tink, only bell/tinkling sounds. This could be due to being released before the movie, keeping a mystery of her voice would sound like.
  • Tink's reaction, when sees her reflection in the sleight bell, could be a direct reference to 1953 Peter Pan when she sees her reflection in a mirror.



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