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Tinker Bell's Tea Party is a book released in 2008, about Tink's tea party and information on fairy culture.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Rani, Lily, Beck, Dulcie, Bumble, Brother Dove, Willow;

Animals: Bumble, Brother Dove;

Fauna: Frog, Fish, Bee, Dove, Mouse, Bluebird Never Spider;

Flora: snapdragon, four-leaf-clover, honeysuckle, apple-blossom, lavender, buttercup blossoms, dandelion fluff, mint;

Food: honey, whipped cream, huckleberry (and shortcake).

Talents: pots-and-pans, table-setting, water, garden, animal, baking, basket-weaving;

Places: Tink's workshop, Tea Room, Havendish Stream, Lily's Garden, orchard, dust mill, dairy barn, pantry, fairy circle, and meadows: marigold, lavender, sweetgrass.


"With all her work finished, Tinker Bell uses a piece of never silver that she's been saving to craft a beautiful and delicate teacup. Now she just needs some tea to drink from it!

But making a cup of tea turns out to be more complicated than Tinker Bell thought. At each turn, one of her friends has an idea to make Tink's tea better: Rani thinks the tea should be made from morning dew; Lily wants to get Tink four-leaf-clover honey; Beck convinces Tink to add lavender cream; and Dulcie insists on baking huckleberry shortcake.

Tinker Bell only wanted some simple tea, but now it seems the only thing to do is have a proper party. And that may turn out to be the best idea of all!"


As pots-and-pans fairies believe it's good luck to drink tea out of never-silver cup, Tink went to the tea room and asked Willow for some, that laughed and told her:

"Before lunch? Fairy dust! Everyone's so busy you'll have to make it yourself."

From the Havendish Stream, Rani took Tink to Lily's Garden and took a morning dew from snapdragons, a plant whose language is "easy for garden-talent fairies" as they only says two things: "I am biting something!" and "I wish I were biting something!" After saving Tink from the plant's biting, Lily suggested four-leaf-clover honey, having the "finest taste and consistency," for Tink's tea. Being Honeysuckle honey "extremely sweet and used only for baking" and Apple-blossom honey "used in most recipes" and "sometimes as glue." With Rani on Brother Dove, the fairies flew past the orchard, dust mill and across marigold meadow bumble "persuaded" the bees to give them the honey.

Beck then appeared and, taking them to the dairy barn, she had suggested for the tea: lavender cream that comes from mice that graze in lavender meadow, producing lavender-scented milk. Pixie Hollow's Mice also produced wool and milk for cheese (grazing in sweetgrass) and butter (eating buttercup blossoms). As fairies "always prefer whipped cream over plain" Rani whipped the cream, a water-talent fairies ability of moving other liquids if with a pinch of fairy dust. As fairies "hate to see anything go to waste" they took the extra cream to Dulcie that made a huckleberry shortcake with the berries Tink and Lily picked. The cake was taken "seriously" by fairies to the point of celebrating throughout Pixie Hollow its creators' Arrival Day (fairy name not said).

Tink then invited all the fairies to a tea party. Packing everything in a dandelion fluff picnic basket, made by basket-weaving fairies, they went to the pantry. Beck took spider's weave lace for table cloth and dainty napkins. Lily organized the fairy circle's toadstool and plants, also making a frock for her and changing to sandals.

"Garden-talent fairies have a special genius for creating clothes from nature".

Rani boiled the mint from Lily's patch and served as "fairy tea-party etiquette has each fairy pour for the fairy on her left." In the end they made a toast for Tink that was glad if she had not remembered her piece of never silver she would not be there with her friends.


  • "Strawberry-seed scones" was written along a single image yet not mentioned in the story.
  • This book does not take sewing-talent fairies into consideration, making it a garden fairy ability instead.