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Tinker Bell's Secret (jp: ティンカー・ベルの秘密) is a manga adaptation of the book The Trouble With Tink.[2]





Tinker Bell is the best tinkerer in all of Pixie Hollow. She's even asked to fix Queen Ree's bath tub, the biggest honor for any tinker fairy! But when Tink loses her magical hammer in Peter Pan's secret hideout, she loses her ability to tinker! Will Tink be able to get her hammer and her talent back without being caught by Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?

During a game of fairy tag, Tinker Bell looses her prized Tinker's hammer. Despite being unable to find it, she decides to use different hammers from other talents to fix her pots and pans. Unfortunately, this causes all the pans and pots she just fixed to become even more broken. Because of this, the fairies start rumors that Tinker Bell has lost her talent.

Tinker Bell's last chance is to retrieve her second hammer, but it's in Peter Pan's hideout and she hasn't seen him since she left him. Too afraid to face him alone, Terence goes with her to help her retrieve her hammer.


  • The onomatopoeia remained with its original Japanese's characters plus a translation nearby.

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