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Tinker Bell's Scratch and Sniff Surprises is a "Scented Storybook" that tells the events of Tinker Bell (2008).

This book is very similar to Tinker Bell (book), down to the re-usage of its illustrations. However, this storybook is much shorter, has no conflicts in its story, and features 10 scratch-and-sniff illustrations. Each scratchable illustration releases its own unique scent.


Back cover:

Join Tinker Bell on a special scented tour of Pixie Hollow. You'll discover many wonderfully sweet smells- as well as some surprisingly stinky ones!

Featuring 10 scents to scratch and sniff!

Publisher's description:

Tinker Bell is everyone’s favorite fairy!

Tinker Bell follows her cute little nose through Pixie Hollow, sniffing everything from sweet-smelling flowers to stinky Sprinting Thistles. There are ten scratch-and-sniff scents throughout this full-color scented hardcover book.


  • This is the only book in the "Scented Storybook" series.