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Tinkerbell's House

Tinker Bell’s House is Tinker Bell’s home in Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell's house was changed many times throughout media, from a wooden house, to a tea kettle, to a room in the Home Tree.


First house:[1]

Created by the Tinker-talent fairies, it is situated in the Tinkers' Nook, atop a tree root with stairs to climb. The walls are made from branches, moss and shells, the roof top is made from leaves and the door is from a pumpkin top cut (branches in the concept art). Inside, there are manifold objects made from nature.

Second house:[2]

Replacing the first version on the exact same location, the second house is made from a tea kettle brought by Tinker Bell. The interior is filled with Lost Things being used as furniture and objects.

A heavily stylized version of the house appears in Disney SpellStruck under the name Pixie Teapot. In section 2 of World 2 (Fairytale Forest), the house is among the places in the game that must be uncorrupted through completing the 3 levels in the section.

Third house:[3]

After the Pixie Dust Tree was destroyed, Tinker Bell moved to the Home Tree, her house is a room on the top branch, whereas her workshop stays on the first floor.



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