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Tinker-talents are best at fixing things. They are dedicated problem solvers and creative thinkers.

Tinker-talent fairies are Never Fairies who design, invent, and fix tools that are used throughout Pixie Hollow.


Tinker-talents are not allowed to visit the Mainland by Queen Clarion, as these duties are fullfiled by nature-talent fairies. Instead, she believes them to work exclusively in her kingdom of Pixie Hollow. However in the third film, she does allows Tinker-Talent Never Fairies to visit the human world and Tinker Bell travels there with her friends, but ends trapped inside a Fairy Home owned by a nine-year-old human child named Lizzy Griffiths.

Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, Fawn, Vidia, Clank and Bobble left the Fairy Camp to visit the Cottage in order to rescue Tink. Some of them had used their magical talents during it: Clank and Bobble made a boat, Sil created a water bridge and Dessa channeled light from a human's car headlight during their adventure.[1]

In the fourth sequel, Vidia had her talent switched and became a tinker fairy. Her very first invention was the Eggshell Boat,[2] used for her friends and herself to travel across the sea in search for the Blue Pixie Dust (which Zarina had stolen from the Pixie Dust Mill).

Talent Overview

Finding Tinker-talent

Tinker-talent guild's symbol as seen in Tinker Bell (2008) film

Tinkers craft special tools to help the nature fairies bring the seasons to the Mainland.[3] However, they also craft objects for daily use around Pixie Hollow, such as wheels, baskets, pots, and pans or even teapots. On top of inventing things, Tinkers also mend broken objects, as they are capable of using Pixie Dust as glue.[ Reference Needed. ]

Tinker fairies lives and work in Tinkers' Nook.[3] There, they are often given tasks to fulfill by Fairy Mary, who supervises all of the work that gets done.

After the events of Tinker Bell, Tinkers began to frequent Palm Tree Cove searching for Lost Things[3]; they are known to use them to craft very useful inventions that help nature-talent fairies or those who can visit the Mainland. Even Fairy Mary uses them.[2]

This guild's symbol is a fairy-sized hammer and the color is green.[3]

Talent Symbols


Tinkers from Tinker Bell (book), an adaptation of the film.

Tinker-talent Flag

Upon a fairy's arrival, each talent is represented by an object for them to choose from. If a Never Fairy is born to be a Tinker-Talent, then a hammer will shine brightly once they've gotten near it. This is confirmed in Tinker Bell (film), during Tinker Bell's arrival scene. [4]

In the films, Tinker-talents are typically represented by hues of green. This can be seen through their clothes, as they wear mostly green throughout the movies. In The Pirate Fairy (film), Zarina's Tinker-Talent Dust is green as well. Another Tinker-Talent symbol is their flag featured in the Pixie Hollow Games, which is a green flag with a hammer in the center.

Sparrowmen that originate outside of the films, such as Slate, Aidan, and Angus, also wear shades of blue & brown.



Known Tinker-talent fairies



Tinker-talent Crown-repairing-talentPots-and-pans-talentScrap-metal-recovery-talentScrap-metal-sorting-talentBasket-weaving-talentBoat-making-talentCarpenting-talentChair-talentDoorknob-talentGrass-weaving-talentKey-hole-design-talentMasonry-talentWeaving-talentPebble-talent
Water-talent Bath-drawing-talent
Animal-talent Ant-herding-talentButterfly-herding-talentCaterpillar-shearing-talentCricket-whistling-talentAphid-wrangling-talent
Garden-talent Flower-talentFern-spotting-talentFruit-talentRice-growing-talentTree-tending-talentHarvest-talentHole-digging-talentAutumn-talentLeaf-talentTree-picking-talentFruit-stomping-talentTreebark-grading-talent
Light-talent Star-counting-talentRainbow-creating-talent
Fast-flying-talent Message-talentSummoning-talent
Dust-talent Pixie Dust Alchemy-Talent
Storytelling-talent Tall-tale-telling-talentActing-talentMusic-talentSinging-talentPerforming-talent
Winter-talent Frost-talentSnowflake-talentGlacier-talentWinter Animal-talent
Scouting-talent Far-listening-talentFar-seeing-talent
Weather-talent Storm-talent
Art-talent Glass-blowing-talentPainting-talentScuplting-talentDyeing-talentStone-polishing-talentPolishing-talent
Kitchen-talent Baking-talentBread-buttering-talentEgg-collecting-talentKnowing-when-a-plate-is-done-talentLarder-talentOlive-pressing-talentPea-shelling-talentPretzel-twisting-talentSalt-sifting-talentStove-to-plate-transfer-talentTea-making-talentHole-in-cheese-punching-talentCooking-talent
Helper-talent Problem-solving-talentPlanning-talentServing-TalentSand-Sorting-TalentTable-Setting-TalentCelebration-setup-talentDandelion-fluff-sorting-talent
Sewing-talent Measuring-talentShoe-making-talentLace-making-talentShoe-shining-talent
Healing-talent Nursing-talent