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Tink and the Mysterious Leak is a hardcover chapter book. Although various translated versions of the book were widely available in continental Europe, the English version appears to be very rare, having only been confirmed to have been sold in India.[1]


During a rainy day in Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell has carried kitchenware to her workshop, and was about to start fixing them when she heard a dripping sound there, and then water drops dripping from various places and occasionally onto her. Terence arrives at the workshop with a broken bathtub, and offers to help Tink find the leak, but she rejects the offer.

As the amount of dripping water increased, Rani arrives at the workshop and offers to clean up the water, but an increasingly frustrated Tink gets her to leave again.

Starting her work again, some water hits her neck, and Tink throws her plier towards the wall, only for the plier to bounce off multiple walls and break a window. She pondered whether she should head out to look for the plier, having in mind the time she lost her hammer, but abandoned the plan when water that had slid down the Home Tree was entering the workshop through the cracked window.

With the water depth in the workshop rising fast, her work tools floating around, and the rainy weather getting worse, Tink calls out to Terence and Rani to ask for help, but gets swept away by the water. Terence recognizes the need for help, and he and Rani rushes to the workshop to open its door, with Tink and her tools flushing out and onto the muddy grass outside.

They bring the freezing Tink to the tearoom to give her warm tea and soup as the rain stops. With the rumor spreading that her workshop got flooded, various fairies head outside to find her pans and tools and bring them to her in the tearoom, disproving Tink's fears that the flood would devastate her reputation as the most skilled pots-and-pans-talent fairy.

Returning to her workshop, Rani and Terence helps her clean up, and offers to look for the leak, which Tink says yes to this time. After having failed to find it, they head out to play tag, after which Tink returns once more to the workshop. As the water drips start again, Tink tells it that she'll get her friends to find it if it doesn't stop. As she then spotted the leak, she concluded it was a "Think about your friends" leak.


  • Tinker Bell
  • Terence
  • Rani