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Tink, North Of Never Land is a Disney Fairy Chapter Book published by Random House for the Disney Fairies franchise. It was published alongside Beck Beyond the Sea.


Tinker Bell has hurt her dear friend Terence's feelings with an angry remark. Terence always seems to be in her way and now he has ruined her silver bowl with his careless actions. Terence feels terrible and tried to make things right with Tink. After many attempts at reconciliation, Terence begins hanging out with other female fairies who try to cheer him up. Tinker Bell becomes jealous, and Terence ignores her. Tink travels to the ends of Never Land to find just the right gift and way to let Terence know that she is sorry that her anger hurt his feelings.

In the end, her quest was a wild goose chase, and she returns with nothing but the experience- however, Terence and her friends are glad to see her back, and they realize that everything was a misunderstanding.



  • Only two weeks have passed since The Trouble with Tink
  • The film, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, was inspired by this book. However, it changes many things, adds much more drama, and introduces things like the blue dust and how it is made.
  • The book carries on the idea that Terence has feelings for Tink, as he admires her looks and behavior. However, it also introduces the idea that Tinker Bell might have feelings for Terence, as she admires his features, gets uncomfortable when she realizes this, then gets jealous when he gets attention from other female fairies.