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Tink's Workshop Clean Up (also "Tinker Bell's Workshop Cleanup") is a Mini-game, currently available in Disney LOL - Tinker Bell Games.


Characters: Tinker Bell, Vidia, Bobble, Clank;

Animals: Cheese

Food: cheese;

objects: cup, tinker hammer, Lost Things (gear, spring), Tink's inventions (ink sprayer, acorn cracker);


The player had 1 minute to gather the falling items while moving Cheese with the cursor. Collect food for Cheese to keep its basket open and avoid Vidia's wind that drops the items gathered.

Level Amount needed Objects
1 cup, gear; 40
2 spring, tinker hammer; 50
3 Tink inventions: ink sprayer, acorn cracker 60


The tinkers workshop was a mess, Cheese needed help catching the falling tools before the time ran out, while watching out for Vidia as she has been known to cause clutter with her cyclone-flutters.


  • The gameplay was not well balanced, in the third level most of the time not even gathering all items while avoiding the Vidia's cyclone was enough to complete in 1 minute.
  • If clicking "How to Play" it skipped the intro of the mini-game story/text.
  • Although the game story said it was in the tinkers workshop, inside the Tinkers' Nook, it was actually just in an open field.