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Wilderness Entrance

The sign used to indicate that a Wilderness area is nearby

Isn't adventuring in the Wilderness flaptastic? Helping the plants and animals feels great, and you get some pretty sweet ingredients once you finish the adventure!
Sweet Pea, in an article of the Never News[1]

The Wilderness refers to the more dangerous, abandoned areas of Pixie Hollow. They are often located on the edge of the seasons.

Fairies generally stay away from the Wilderness, and are only permitted to go scouting with the goal of helping the plants and animals that live there. The entrance into a Wilderness area can be identified by a torch symbol nearby, as well as multiple signs that read "Warning!" and "Danger!"

As the Wilderness is a dangerous place, fairies are advised to go scouting in groups, although they may attempt to go scouting alone. Fairies must return to the safer areas of Pixie Hollow if they end up running out of pixie dust.

Known Areas of the Wilderness

The Wilderness on the Pixie Hollow Online Map

Pictured on the Pixie Hollow map, from left to right: the Silver Trees, the Never Mine, and the Bubbly Bog

As much of Pixie Hollow's map is covered by clouds, it is hard to say just how vast the Wilderness is. The known sections of the Wilderness are:

Scouting the Wilderness

Scouting in the Wilderness

The original pop-up that appeared when a player went to go explore the wilderness

Players with a membership are able the explore The Wilderness in Pixie Hollow Online. A famous fairy may ask them to go on an adventure as apart of a quest, or they may go scouting just for the sake of it. Groups are limited to a maximum of four, however, a pixie is able to explore solo as well.

Fairies are advised to bring sweets with them into the Wilderness, as eating one will restore pixie dust for the whole exploration team. Cupcakes, in particular, are powerful sweets that are exclusively eaten in the Wilderness due to their pixie dust potency. With more pixie dust, fairies are able to save more troubled animals.

Animals are saved through the fairies' performance of Talent Skills. The animals that can be saved are:

Players can also assist truffles that are having difficulty growing in the Wilderness.

As a reward for assisting the flora & fauna of the Wilderness, players can receive Wilderness-exclusive ingredients such as blue gems, yellow gems, and truffles.


There are quite a few different badges that players can earn by exploring the Wilderness. Although they all are under the "Wilderness" category in the Leaf Journal, there are two subcategories:

  1. Helpers and Leaders
  2. Animal Challenges

Each badge that falls under "Animal Challenges" requires the player to assist a particular plant/animal 50 times in order to achieve it.


  • The Silver Trees is the only known area of the Wilderness that is not on the border of two seasons. Instead, it's located deep into Autumn Forest.
  • The Never Mine is the only section of the Wilderness that is also directly next to a Talent Game, with said game being Gem Juggle.