The Trouble with Tink

The Trouble with Tink

Kiki Thorpe
Judith Holmes Clarke
Disney Storybook Artists
Random House
Publication date
January 10, 2006
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The Trouble with Tink is the first Disney Fairies chapter book published by Random House.


Tinker Bell's passion is repairing broken pots. It is not only her passion, it is also her job as a pots-and-pans fairy in Pixie Hollow. After a hectic game of fairy tag, Tink discovers that she has lost her tinkers' hammer. She immediately tries using other tools to replace it but nothing works like her hammer and soon everything that she tries to fix ends up worse off than it was to begin with. Tink is quickly losing the other fairies' confidence in her abilities, and she is losing confidence in herself. Her only hope of regaining her talent is to find her lost hammer, which seems hopeless, or to retrieve her back up. The latter, however would involve visiting Peter Pan, whom she distanced herself from after he brought Wendy back to Never Land. Should she go and face Peter, or should she risk losing her talent?

Like many early books, this one features an incident where Vidia taunts the main character- she insincerely hopes that Tink has not "lost her talent" once and for all, making a big to-do over how tragic that would be.

Tink is assisted by Terence, who offers to help her find the replacement. The two arrive at the Lost Boys' treehouse hideout, and even encounter Peter Pan himself, who pretends to swat them like bugs before admitting to the joke. This makes it one of the only books in the canon to directly involve Peter and even feature quotes from him. Terence is at first startled by the pranks, but the book suggests that nobody can stay mad at Peter for long, and both fairies forgive him. Peter, characteristically, acts like Tink was never gone for long, even when the gap in between her visits was weeks, or months.

In the end, Tinker Bell finds her replacement hammer, and begins working on the toughest job yet- Queen Clarion's bathtub has sprung a leak. A confident Tink strides into the Queen's chambers as the book ends.