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The Shell Gift is apart of a line of storybooks that recount the early days of a few of the book-only fairies. This one covers Rani's first days as a water-talent fairy. This book was often released as a gift set with a shell necklace.


Sitting in her bed one day looking at a shell in her room, Rani was reminded of when she was a newly arrived fairy, with Silvermist showing her around and taking her to her room. Happy for the room, but anxious for if she'd do well in Pixie Hollow, Silvermist gifted her a shell. Loving the gift, and being able to hear the sea waves inside it, Rani set out to the beach the next morning to find more shells, resulting in a hoarded collection that filled up her room.

After a short encounter with Vidia, and during a visit from Tinker Bell and Beck, Beck points out that many of the shells were used as homes for animals, with one having a live hermit crab inside, leading to Rani feeling sad about it. Having been forgiven by the crab, Rani agrees to return all shells to the beach, except for Silvermist's gift, with Rani concluding that she shouldn't take more stuff than she needs.





  • Hermit Crab


  • This story showcases Rani before she loses her wings, but the beginning and end images have her without her wings as she is now older and recounting her early days at Pixie Hollow.
  • This book confirms she is younger than Silvermist.
  • Rani keeps her special shell on her beside table ever since this story, it's her prized possession.