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The Pixie Mix-Up is a storybook released on January 1, 2010. It is the first book in the Disney Fairies Storybook Library series.


When spring cleaning season comes upon Pixie Hollow all the fairies decide it’s time to get the Home Tree, and its surrounding areas, squeaky clean! Tink, on her way to start cleaning up her workshop, runs into Lily who asks if Tink would mind watering her garden while she fetches supplies. Reluctantly, Tink agrees and quickly becomes bored of this chore. Tink decides to tinker up a way to make this chore go faster.
Meanwhile, as Lily is on her way to fetch supplies, she runs into Rani who is busy washing the courtyard. Rani asks Lily to help keep an eye on her work while she fetches more soap. After agreeing, Lily becomes bored and looks for a solution to speed things up! Perhaps her fairy dust would work, as it does to help grow the flowers?
Later on, as Rani heads to get more soap, she meets Beck in the Tearoom feeding some squirrels. Beck asks Rani to help watch the squirrels while she gets more food for them. Of course Rani agrees. However, not being an animal-talent Rani struggles to communicate with the creatures and chaos ensues. The squirrels quickly ruin Tink’s watering invention, and the bubbles Lily grew with her fairy dust turn into a slip-and-slide. The Home Tree is a mess, luckily everyone helps to clean up once again.





  • This book was also released under the title "Spring Cleaning."