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The Petite Fairy’s Diary (jp: "小さな妖精プティの日記" / "Chiisana Yousei Petite no Nikki") is a manga by Jun Asuka released in 2007. It follows a very small fairy named Petite who must find her true talent in life.


Characters: Petite, Dill, Tinker Bell, Baum, Beats, Chop, Flower, Junx, Licorice, Lilil, Lobi, Loof, Mimosa, Misha, Peah, Sharom, Swin, Tim.

Talents: dancing, decoration, fire, four-leaf-clover, laundry, mail delivery, music, protecting, rainbow-creation, rare-item-finding, scrap, scent-creation, wind-reader, wind-sensing.

Fauna: cat, frog, spider, Ladybug.


"Petite, the smallest fairy in Pixie Hollow in Never Land, must find her special talent in life, despite miserably failing at each one. With the help of Tinkerbell, she may just stand a chance!"


Petite's 777th Arrival Day (birthday) was coming, but she was far from discovering her talent. She was suppose to present her talent at the Moon Banquet to Queen Clarion. From reading the wind to creating rainbows, Petite tried everything, yet failed in all of the attempts until she finally discovered her diary-writing talent.

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  • In French the title was changed to "Clochette et le Pouvoir de Puchi" (en: Tinker Bell and the Power of Puchi/Petite).