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The Nightingale’s Song is a Japan-only published book. It is apart of a line of storybooks that recount the early days of a few of the book-only fairies. This one covers Beck’s first days as an animal-talent fairy.


Beck, only having her arrival day a week or two prior, was still unfamiliar with Pixie Hollow and was learning to navigate life as an animal-talent. She looked forward to getting to know all the animals around the hollow and helping them in anyway she can. One night, she heard a bird song that she was unfamiliar with. The bird was singing so sorrowfully and it broke Beck’s heart. What could she do to cheer up this sweet bird? After searching all over the forest for the bird responsible, she found a Nightingale. She thought and thought, what cheers her up when she’s down? Presents, of course! Beck gifted the bird so many things: sunflower seeds, a new pillow, and a new blanket. Nothing seemed to change the bird’s tune. Beck decided to turn to an animal-talent that has been around much longer than her, Fawn. Fawn explained that Beck needs to consider what the bird needs, not give it gifts a fairy would want. So, Beck went off and built the best bird nest she could for the nightingale. Yet, when she delivered it, the bird still sang a melancholic song. Beck decided to muster up some courage and ask the bird why it had such a sad song. To which the nightingale explained, it was not sad at all! The song was a song of gratitude for all of Beck’s thoughtful gifts. Just goes to show, communication is important. Beck carried this lesson throughout the rest of her days in Pixie Hollow.





  • Nightingale
  • Butterflies
  • Squirrel
  • Deer
  • Robin
  • Blue Jay
  • Red-crowned bird


  • Fawn is revealed to be older than Beck in this book.
  • Beck carries a feather from the Nightingale with her everyday since, tucked into her belt.