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The Never Girls is a series of books written by Kiki Thrope and Illustrated by Jana Chrisy. It follows the adventures of four girls who discover a portal to Pixie Hollow through a backyard fence post. The series also includes characters featured from the books, movies, and online game.

The four girls have various adventures with the inhabitants of Never Land, including the Lost Boys, Peter Pan, and the Never Mermaids.

In 2018, A new Never Girls series of books titled "Finding Tinker Bell" centers around the girls adventure on Shadow Island as they try to find Tinker Bell on Shadow Island.


There are various character that have appeared in the Never Girls books such as:

Main Characters[]

Secondary Characters[]

Book Only Characters[]


  1. In a Blink
  2. The Space Between
  3. A Dandelion Wish
  4. From the Mist
  5. Wedding Wings
  6. The Woods Beyond
  7. A Pinch of Magic
  8. Far From Shore
  9. Before the Bell
  10. On the Trail
  11. Into the Waves
  12. In the Game
  13. Under the Lagoon

Finding Tinker Bell Series[]

  1. Beyond Never Land
  2. Through the Dark Forest
  3. On the Lost Coast
  4. Up the Misty Peak
  5. To the Forgotten Castle
  6. The Last Journey

Other Books

  1. A Fairy's Gift
  2. A Fairy's Fire