The Minister of Autumn is a sparrowman of high rank who is in charge of bringing Autumn to the Mainland. Unlike the Minister of Spring, he is quite patient, calm, and is very kind, with a deep voice. For the Autumn Revelry, he selects Tinker Bell (as recommended by Fairy Mary), representing the Tinker Talents, to make the Scepter.

Wise and logical, the Minister of Autumn is hard to fluster. He oversees the preparations for Autumn with a steady hand and a kind word for every fairy. Generally hands-off, the Minister of Autumn would rather trust the fairies in this charge to do their jobs well than get in their way. However, when the time comes to bring autumn to the mainland, he can be found in the thick of things, ensuring nothing goes wrong, and wears a suit of orange, brown and red leaves.

Throughout the Movies

Tinker Bell

In Tinker Bell, he is seen with the other ministers and Queen Clarion. They discuss what is going to happen if Spring doesn't come.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

In Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, he is hesitant at first to let Tinkerbell make the scepter, but becomes convinced by Fairy Mary.

Secret of the Wings

In Secret of the Wings, he, along with the other ministers, try to protect the Pixie Dust Tree.


Video Games

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