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The Hidden World of Fairies is an informational book about the Disney Fairies universe presented as a journal written by Wendy Darling.


Characters:Tinker Bell, Clank, Bobble, Beck, Fawn, Lily, Rani, Silvermist, Bess, Queen ClarionFira, Vidia, Winda Quickwing.

Animals: Twitter, Kyto.

Talents: Tinker, Animal, Garden, Healing, Water, Art, Fast-flying, Weather, Light.


"Dear Reader,
Of all my adventures in Never Land, I shall never forget my visit to Pixie Hollow. There, in the land of the fairies, I watched these lovely creatures go about their mysterious business, leaving trails of shimmering pixie dust to settle on the forest floor as they flitted back and forth. During my time in that enchanted realm, I filled this diary with my observations--and a few little treasures I kept as souvenirs. I hope, Reader, that this book will allow you a glimpse into the astonishing word of the Never Fairies.
Yours most sincerely,
Wendy Darling."