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The Great Fairy Campout is a storybook released on January 1, 2010. It is the fourth book in the Disney Fairies Storybook Library series.


Tinker Bell, upon smelling roasted chestnuts from the kitchen, is hit with nostalgia for a campout like the ones she had with Peter Pan. She flies to let Dulcie know of her plans, who then decides to join her. Soon enough, the word of the campout spread throughout all the hollow and every fairy is packing up and getting ready to head out! Most fairies decide to pack the bare minimum for a home away from home, but Dulcie can’t imagine being without her baking gear. After all, what’s a baking-talent without her cookware? Dulcie and all the other fairies set out to find a campsite, bake ware and all!
After much deliberation, the pixies settle on the perfect spot in-between Havendish Stream and the forest. They pitch their tents, cook up dinner over a campsite, and begin to tell campfire stories. The storytelling talents begin with sweet tales of ladybugs until Tink interrupts explaining that the stories have to be spooky! She precedes to tell the story of a scary pirate with a hook for a hand! Frightened from the story and a sound in the woods, the pixies fly for cover into their tents.
What could have made such a frightening noise?! Well, it’s Dulcie of course! She had gotten lost as the fairies were deciding where to camp. To help calm all the pixies down, Tink helps Dulcie bake up a cake over the campfire. I guess she did need all the cookware after all!





  • This book was also released under the name "The Fairy Campout"