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The Gift is a rare speaking and hearing ability that can be born with or acquired later, being different to humans and Never Fairies.



To fairies, the gift is the ability to speak to humans and be understood by them.


To humans, the gift is the ability to hear fairies and understand them. Fairies can already hear and understand humans[1], yet, without the gift humans only hear tinkling sounds.

Known Gift Characters[]




  • If a human child travels to Never Land, they will automatically get the Gift.[ Reference Needed. ]
  • As fairies with the Gift had part of its human stuck in them, it is rumored that humans born with the Gift might occur from the same reason, having part of the laugh (subsequently part of their fairy) stuck in them.[2][5]
  • Although Lizzie Griffiths interacted with Tinker Bell and wrote a journal with her, neither possessed The Gift, as Lizzie was unable to understand Tink and only heard a tinkling sound when the latter spoke.[6]
  • James could not understand Zarina when he first meet her, only acquiring the ability later.[7]
    • His ability to hear her was not called "The Gift" and did not gain any name.
  • Depending on the talent, never fairies know other species languages such as plants (in the case of Garden-talents) and animals (in the case of Animal-talents), yet these are different from the Gift.


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