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The Fairy Without Wings is a chapter book that was designed primarily for use in Disney book clubs. In the United States it formed part of Disney Wonderful World of Reading. It has illustrations on all pages.


The book begins with an introduction about the Never Fairies, Never Land, and Pixie Dust. Various fairies then play tag, with Rani sitting on the ground and not liking tag as much as she used to do, as she had lost her wings when saving Mother Dove's egg before.

Although the other fairies felt bad for her loss of wings, Rani told them that she's feeling great about it, though in actuality she felt sad about it, even if Brother Dove had been assigned to her to fly her around.

With Rani having lost her wings, she could float down the Havendish Stream for hours, or dive into the sea. She loved the water's effects on her skin and hair, and how she can breathe underwater with a necklace of air bubbles.

With Tinker Bell having in mind one time Vidia told Rani she was useless without wings, leading to Rani running away, Tink contacted the sewing-talents and a tailor-talent to make new wings out of thin material and a cord system. Upon trying them out, a gust threw Rani up in the air, with her ending up on an oak branch soon after.

Rani is then shown working with water tasks in the Laundry Room and in the kitchen (Making water boil and cleaning gooseberries). On her arrival in the tearoom afterwards, Tink presents her with another set of wings, this time from silver threads. The flight attempt is partly interrupted by a hawk warning, with Rani struggling to fly downwards when Tink pushed her to the ground, with the wings falling off and landing on Rani's head.

Angry and aching, Rani proclaimed to Tink that she wasn't a saucepan in need of fixing, headed to the river, and dived into it, then spotting Terence in a hawk's claws. With the hawk startled from scouts' attempts to free him, it let go of Terence, who plunged into the river unconscious and was about to drown.

Rani saves him, receives congratulations from Queen Clarion and applause from the fairies, and an apology from Tink. Rani then heads off to the sea with Brother Dove for some more swimming.


  • Rani
  • Tinker Bell
  • Terence
  • Queen Clarion
  • Brother Dove
  • Mother Dove