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The Disappearing Sun is apart of a line of storybooks that recount the early days of a few of the book-only fairies. This one covers Fira's first days as a light-talent fairy. This book was often released as a gift set with a silver sun necklace.

Formerly called "Search For The Sun"


Fira admires her room's lighting features, but focuses most on a silver sun decoration hanging over her bed, which reminds her of when she was a recently (but not a brand new) arrived fairy in Pixie Hollow.

Having overslept one morning and unable to find the other light talents at the tearoom, she sat outside eating raspberries and dew when the sun began disappearing, to Fira's horror. Asking about it to Beck (who suggested it could be a flock of ravens), Tink, Dulcie (who were both distracted with work), and Vidia (who sarcastically said it was something to worry about, scaring Fira furthermore), she found a flower megaphone and began announcing to dozens that the sun would be gone forever.

Queen Clarion emerges from behind her, hiding a snicker, to explain to Fira that it was a solar eclipse. As the sun began returning, she further explained that the other light talents had been at the beach to wish the eclipse welcome. With Fira feeling ashamed, Clarion suggested Fira talk to her before making big announcements, while approving that she took action early on, remarking that Fira would be a great leader one day.






  • Unlike the other books in this series, Fira doesn't have a "mentor" fairy from her specific talent group.
  • This book talks about how light-talent fairies have a special ability to stare at the sun with no consequences.
  • Fira keeps a silver sun emblem hanging over her bed from this day on, it's her most prized possession.
  • The events and images indicate the solar eclipse was total or near-total.