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This page is about The Darling's House, a recurrent Disney's location. For deeper information about other franchises see Disney Wikia.
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Bloomsbury, London, England or "The Darling's House" is the neighborhood where the Darling family lives.


In Tinker Bell (film), Tinker Bell visits the home during her stay in the Mainland, to deliver the lost Music Box belonging to Wendy.

In the book Fairies and the Quest for Never LandGwendolyn Carlisle, the latest Darling girl was living in this house which is known as "House number 14."


  • This house appears and is mentioned in many adaptations from Peter Pan.
    • In Disney's Peter Pan, it was shown as a house in the corner, and stated that Peter Pan "chose" this house, because there were people here who believe in him. The movie also had a continuity error, first stating the nursery at the rightmost dormer, yet at the end being located at the central dormer.
    • In Disney's Return to Never Land, it was not stated who inherited the house, however, it was shown that Wendy was raising her kids there.