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How about you fly to the Bubbly Bog? There’s a Tiny Rosebush there that needed some garden-talent attention.

The Bubbly Bog is a section of the Wilderness, and is only accessible by going scouting. Thus, its gameplay style mirrors that of all other Wilderness adventures. It was discovered on June 29th 2009, along with the Silver Trees.

Its entrance is a dark, tall tree that towers above Dewdrop Vale.

Flora and Fauna[]

Seeing as no fairies reside in the Wilderness, the area is primarily home to animals and plants. Through the quests available in Pixie Hollow Online, we know of the area's plants as well as some of the animals that reside here.


  • Truffles
  • Rosebushes
  • Moss
    • Tender Moss
    • Medi-Moss
  • Various plant seeds
    • Crooked seeds
    • Sunny Seeds
    • Wetleaf Seeds
  • Daisies (uncommon)


  • Birds
    • Baby Blue Jays
  • Butterflies
  • Fish
    • Nibble Fish
  • Fireflies
    • Maxwell the Firefly
  • Frogs
    • Franz the Frog
    • “Frantic” Freddy Frog
    • Felipe the Frog
    • Fiona the Frog
  • Lizards
  • Spiders
    • Sophie the Spider
    • Spinda the Spider
    • Weavette the Spider
  • Squirrels
    • Sedgewick Squirrel


  • Fawn has a secret leaf pile here that she uses to hide berries.
  • Animals in the area are sometimes afflicted with an illness called "The Boggy Sniffles"
  • According to Iridessa, it is uncommon to find Daisy Petals in the Bubbly Bog. This greatly contrasts with the surrounding areas in Spring Valley, where they're very common.
  • Marina once tried to interview a frog that resided here for an issue of the Never News.