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The Border

The Border is an old tree trunk, a bridge, that serves up as the only connection between the warm portions of Pixie Hollow and the ever-snowy realm of Winter Woods. It begins at the end in the Autumn Forest and ends at the beginning of the Winter Woods.

Once a laugh crosses into the snow, it becomes a winter Never Fairy or male winter sparrowman[1] and strictly forbidden to visit Pixie Hollow's warm seasons (spring, summer or autumn) and meet heat without special precautions. A non-winter talent was also restricted to venture into the Winter Woods without a layer of frost covering up its wings, and dressed in very warm and cozy clothes.


WinterWoods Border

The bridge is known to be The Border, the link between Pixie Hollow and its portion of Winter Woods

The Border does exists since the dawn of Pixie Hollow, meaning it is ancient. However, during this period, fairies of both warm and cold weather could freely transit between the realms, until Lord Milori (the ruler of the Winter Woods) broke his wing when meeting up with his lover, Queen Clarion (the ruler of Pixie Hollow's warm seasons). Then she created the law to forbid any physical contact and interations with each other.

When crossing The Border, fuzzy animals gains characteristics to protect them from the cold. Warm fairies were not allowed to travel to the mysterious world of Winter Woods, and winter-talents were not allowed to visit Pixie Hollow's warm side. However, this changed after the third sequel; both worlds of Pixie Hollow and Winter Woods were one again.[1] Since then, Never fairies of both weather conditions can cross and visit whatever seasonal realm they want, but with still some precautions as listed below:

  • Warm weather subjects must protect his or her wings with a layer of frost from a frost-talent or either hide them inside their coats as well be fully dressed in very warm clothes and cold-weather gear.
  • Frost/Snowflake fairies must have a constant flux of snow upon them at all times when outside the snowy woods. This is provided by the Snow Maker, a machine firstly invented by tinker fairies.