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Your mother-of-pearl belt? That's my mother-of-pearl belt!
— Tally to Silvermist

Tally is a Water-talent fairy who makes short appearances in a few of the books.

In the books[]

The water-talents had been "it" in the game of fairy tag in The Trouble with Tink. She had tagged Jerome, causing the dust-talents to be it.

When Silvermist's belt falls into the stream in Four Clues for Rani, Tally cries that the belt is hers (Silvermist never returned it.) A few moments later she apologizes that she didn't mean to get mad at Silvermist. When Rani dives into the stream to regain the belt, Silvermist gasps, but Tally simply laughs, saying that she forgot that Rani has no wings and can therefore swim.

Physical Appearance[]

Tally has short dark purple hair about down to her shoulders that curls up at the edges. She wears a strap forget-me-not blue shirt, a long apron-like orchid purple leaf sash, and a wavy forget-me-not blue skirt. She also wears on her head a long headband-like accessory that is also forget-me-not blue with little orchid purple berries on either side of it.

As a water fairy, Tally has a knack for making pretty sculptures out of water.She has made water birds that flew to the air, water swans that swim in cresent lake and even water mermaids (with the help of Rani, another water fairy). Her biggest success was the statue of Clarion, the fairy queen. It was so realistic that the fairies actually thought that their beloved queen had been turned into water!